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    I wondered if somebody might be able to help - I'd like to be able to install packages directly from my device using the command line. This would be useful for times when I don't have my USB cable and the package is not available through Preware. I gather it's an ipkg command of some kind - so what would I type to:

    1) Install an .ipk file from the command line
    2) Install a .patch file from the command line
    3) Uninstall a .ipk file from the command line
    4) Uninstall a .patch file from the command line

    I understand (or suspect) that AUPT will not apply to any package that I install manually - anyone else reading this thread and intending to use this method should be fully aware of this also - put plainly, you must uninstall any patch that is not protected by AUPT before you perform an OTA update.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    This is how Preware Alpha and AUPT do it:

    1) Git - applications/preware.git/blob - src/luna_methods.c lines 1108 to 1290
    2) Git - preware/build.git/blob - autopatch/postinst
    3) Git - applications/preware.git/blob - src/luna_methods.c lines 1292 to 1393
    4) Git - preware/build.git/blob - autopatch/prerm

    Installing and removing packages (especially those with embedded services or plugins) and patches is a complex thing to get right.

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