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    I'm having issues with EPR. I've tried to remove my patches with webosquickinstall using the EPR. It goes through the process and says that all patches are removed successfully. After the Luna restart, all my patches are still functional and act like they were never removed. When I try to run EPR again, it say there are no patches installed. Any suggestions?

    I'm trying to get it back to factory settngs so I can try to get a replacement from Verizon tomorrow.
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    Under device info there are several Erase choices. Not sure if any of them will remove patches, but I think a combo of full erase and the Doctor might. Or you can run webOS Repair Utility (search the fora) with Override Compatibility turned on, which will put all OS files back to factory without touching USB drive or Pre settings.
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    Do you have the latest version of webosqi?? I believe it is 3.1.
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    I got it fixed... I had to get into recovery mode for WebOSDoctor to rrecogonize it.

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