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    As you may already know, as stated in some of my other posts, Iíve just received a new pre. Now as I turned it on for the first time it asked me for language details etc etc and I signed into my existed profile, but the phone restarted and came back to the same screen. I had to do this twice until it eventually started up, about 80% of the apps are missing, some hombrew which I know canít be backed up, no web bookmarks, no cookies and history, and it wonít download the O/S update.

    Iíve also tried creating a new profile just in case there was a bug in the back up but it does the same thing again when I create a new profile.

    Iím thinking of sending this back to O2 tomorrow, Iím familiar with preware and Iím willing to do any software restore myself if anyone wants to let me know.

    Thanks in advance

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    Have you considered using webOS Doctor on it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedtouch View Post
    Have you considered using webOS Doctor on it?
    Iíve been informed to do the following in the link below:

    Cannot Access App Catalogue and So on.... - Palm Support Community

    Iím trying to log into my phone but when itís attempting to recover the data the progress bar is just hanging, itís been doing it for about 15 mins now with 0% progress.


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    Okay, I’ve run webOS Doctor, and it’s restored everything now, although it’s restarting a lot when I’m using it. I presume this is because it’s still updating things in the background?

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