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    Quote Originally Posted by mmeltser View Post
    The ability to modify the autocorrect, is getting me close. I got so used to the BB's excellent autocorrect that I find myself expecting all the same shortcuts to work here. I've read a lot on the 800 MHz patch. I'm not sure what other homebrews are considered "must-haves".

    I too considered airplane mode, but am concerned I'd forget to turn it off the next day. Right now, I go with ringer to off and let it sit. I'm old school -- I use an actual alarm clock as an alarm clock :-)
    auto correct was supposed to be updated in 1.4 the beta versions released to devs had it, but it ran into sone bugs prior to release and was removed, i'd assume it's coming in 1.5
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    I put my Pre on the TS before bed and take it off in the morning.

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    Cool. Interesting data point, thanks for the update. Of course, being on Verizon, I may still be waiting on 1.4.1 by the time 1.5 comes out!
    Rgds/Mark M.
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    Pool party all the way.....
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    welcome newbie
    I leave it charging on TS, I run preset reset to reboot it @ 7am, and I dowloaded battery saver app from preware. It turns on airplane mode @ 11pm and off @ 7am. Let the cpu and phone rest.
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    Mode Switcher is in the Home Brew thread. It allows you to set "modes" that kick in at certain times of the day or based on whether it's on the charger or not. My "Bedside Mode" is set so that if the phone is placed on the touchstone between the hours of 2230 and 0630 then it disables the wireless and the data. It turns off the screen and turns down all volumes except the ringer. At 0630, it switches back to "Default Mode" and re-enables all my radios and volumes. Check it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikevember View Post
    Airplane mode at night ? Would that work for you?
    I was just thinking why didn't somebody suggest this sooner
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChemEngr View Post
    FYI, the Pre's alarm is still usable with the ringer off - check the clock preferences. I leave mine on all the time in case of an emergency call. I sleep through the notifications and alerts and the Pre's alarm clock wakes me everyday.
    This is what I do at night (with my Pre) as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fernandez21 View Post
    I don't think you want to know what some people do with their pre's at night.
    lol....Mine stays on all night on RadioTime, Music Remix or playing podcasts while charging.
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    They all stay on their touchstones till the morning.
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    Haven't had an alarm clock for years-other than my wife-but the pre now sits at the bedside on its touchstone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmeltser View Post
    1) Should I turn off the phone periodically like I used to have to do on the BB to clear out memory?
    2) Does it charge even while off either via touchstone or wall charger?
    3) What do you do with your phone overnight?

    1) Yes, or more exactly, reboot it. You don't really need to do this on any sort of set schedule, but you will know when you need to. Things start to slow down, you start getting the "too many cards" errors when hardly anything is open, etc. Orange+Sym+r and it will reboot.

    2) No idea, I never turn mine off. I'd go with what everybody else sees to be saying, and say "no."

    3) Slap it on the touchstone running an app called timepiece. The alarm clock function of timepiece has more options than the built in alarm, and it looks like the old digital alarm clock I had as a kid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmeltser View Post
    2) Does it charge even while off either via touchstone or wall charger?
    3) What do you do with your phone overnight?
    2) No. It will turn itself back on if you throw it on the touchstone or wall charger if the phone is off.

    3) I (like many other people) will hit the mute switch on the top of the Pre and throw it on the TS.
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    I never shut mine down, never place it in airplane mode (unless i'm flying) and other than shutting off WiFi, if I don't need it, I leave it on 24/7. I charge it on the way to work and leave it on the (now functioning) Touchstone charger during the day.

    The only time it gets rebooted is when it fails to do something; calls, web, etc...2 weeks ago that was 4 times in one day.

    Are the apps that bad this handset requires daily reboots?
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    I turn off my data and bluetooth overnight but leave my ringer sounds on just in case of emergency calls (my Pre is my only phone, no landline/VOIP at home). I rarely drop more than 5% overnight with these settings.
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    This thread is pretty useful. I didn't realize that I should be rebooting periodically. The only times I have rebooted previously is when there was a problem. Thanks for that.

    To answer the OP's question ... I have been having issues with random alarms in the middle of the night, so I turn off the sounds at night. On weekdays I just leave it in my purse because I have enough battery to last until the next day. On weekends I have it on a charger at my bedside.

    However, I do have a question that seems to apply here. I just got a second touchstone to use at home. (I had previously only used the TS at work and plugged it in over the weekend at home.) The clock on the screen is so BRIGHT at night. Does it bother anyone else? I have to put a cloth over it, so it doesn't keep my husband awake. Is there anyway to have it on the TS but without the clock screen?
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    I wish there was a way to turn the LCD off while on the touchstone, but unfortunatley there isn't. I use the cloth case thing that came with the Pre, and I just put it over the screen at night, does the job well enough.
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