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    I don't get why wanting a bigger screen suddenly means you want a giant phone. The Pre screen is 3.1", the HD2/EVO is 4.3". There ARE several measurements in between, not just one way or the other. Not only that, but you can increase the size of the screen while making the device thinner and more pocketable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vkitty View Post
    I was reading the comments on the pre plus coming to sprint.

    A few people wanted a bigger screen? WHY??!?

    Why do you want to carry a brick in you pocket? or in you hands?

    Why do people want a bigger screen, for what??
    • Because they have aging eyes and need bigger fonts.
    • Because they have big hands and need bigger widgets to tap on.
    • Because they are heavy readers who don't want to get yet another gadget like an iPad or a Kindle to read books or long web pages.
    • Because they got hooked on playing Dungeon Hunter and want to have more room on the screen for the controls.
    • Because they like webOS and think that it will scale up to a bigger screen better than say the iPhone or Android OSes.

    The bottom line is that there is no one-size fits all form factor which will please everybody and if Palm wants to succeed it should have a whole family of devices in different form factors. Palm in my opinion should have at least three form factors:

    1. Portrait Candybar - AKA, the Pixi form factor. A small thin, device with a small screen.
    2. Portrait Slider - AKA, the Pre form factor. A small, compact device with a larger screen.
    3. Landscape Slider - AKA, the Beast. A device with a very big keyboard and screen for heavy readers and people who want to type a lot of text on their phone.

    Palm should probably also be looking to get its beak wet in the tablet market as well if for no other reason than because webOS itself with its gestures and great multi-tasking just lends itself to a big screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vkitty View Post
    I was reading the comments on the pre plus coming to sprint.

    A few people wanted a bigger screen? WHY??!?

    Why do you want to carry a brick in you pocket? or in you hands?

    Why do people want a bigger screen, for what??
    Old farts with deteriorating eyesight, such as myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vkitty View Post
    I remember not so long ago, that everyone was complain about how BIG their phones where, and they wanted them smaller and smaller.

    Now they want them bigger and bigger LOL
    Yep lol...true. We use our phones for so much more these days.
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    Originally Posted by Vkitty
    I was reading the comments on the pre plus coming to sprint.

    A few people wanted a bigger screen? WHY??!?

    Smartphones are now able to do so much more than just being a phone and multimedia device. Inasmuch, the keyboards need to be usable, and if they are virtual keyboards (on screen), the bigger the screen the easier they are to use (my daughter has an HTC HD2, and let me tell you, at 4.3" diagnol, the portrail version of that virtual keyboard is very, VERY usable, even for a hardware keyboard user like me).

    Also, bigger screens allow for real web page browsing with less zooming in and out, and better document editing/preparation, particuarly in Excel/Word/email programs.

    Screens can get TOO big, a la the iPad.. that's beyond usable. IMO, 4 - 4.5" diagnols will be the defacto standards for all full featured smartphones going forward.

    Why do you want to carry a brick in you pocket? or in you hands?

    Well, its only a brick if it is unecessarily large, and thick. The Droid can be thought of that way, as it is quite thick and large and heavy, but, still, if its edges were rounder, it would fel better in the user's hand.

    My daughters HTC HD2 is thin as a pencil (thinner, even), and believe me, it feels terrific in my hands, and she is shorter than I am, with smaller hands and she loves it.

    Why do people want a bigger screen, for what??

    See above.. trust me, once you see how much more usability it provides, and the better all around experiences it gives you, the trade-off will likely be less severe than you think.

    Of course, if you don't like that, theres always the Pre or the Pixi.. I doubt Palm will stop making them.. its more likely that they will improve the build quality and hardware finish options (colors, maybe also metal or enamel finishes?) on them and sell them as Light and Medium WebOS devices, so all users can get buy and use what they need.

    IMO, of course.
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    Bigger is not better! +1 for Pre form factor advocates. If they can increase screen size with current overall size intact, I'd then go for it. I've been through the smartphone evolution. Treos evolved for one-handed use. The Pre has this trait and should stick to it. If you use your smartphone more for multimedia and gaming, then you would be well advised to move to the large-screened candybars. JMHO.
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    4.3 inch is way too big, I dont want a massive brick like the HTC EVO 4G. I think the next WebOS phone should be 3.6 inches with higher resolution.
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    Slightly larger, whilst preserving pocketability, would be okay by me.

    I think that the bigger screen brigade should be accomodated with a different pPad model.
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    my mind just went in the gutter
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    I gotta agree with the folks that remember the huge, old phones of the past, with a screen that was only one line (or maybe two) of LED's or LCD numbers. You needed a briefcase to carry those things around..........that's assuming you got a "pocket" phone. I had bag phones back then.

    Personally, I don't want, or need, a bigger screen, and I'm one of those aging, losing the razor sharp teenager eyesight guys with big fingers. When it came time to replace my Treo, I gravitated naturally to the Pre, partly because it was just big enough, with that little extra to make it worthwhile. Sure, I could have gone back to ye olde candybar or slider, or maybe a decent flip phone, but I really needed a smartphone. I looked at the other, larger options, and I even took a look at the iPhone, and TBH, I wasn't blown away by the iPhone, the various HTC's, or the relatively monstrous Droid. Then again, I do come from a generation where you didn't really have the option to watch movies on the go, and, TBH, didn't need to. You have things like real paper books, ya know. If you travel a lot with a family, there's a lot to be said for in-car DVD systems with the headrest or ceiling-mount displays. Better sound, to boot.

    The way I see it is this, there's really three groups.

    1. The basic phone user, like my mom, sister, aunt. A basic flip phone is fine for them, it does what they need. Holds all their contacts, generally have basic music players, if they want that, has bluetooth for driving if needed, and that's it. They want a phone, not a personal entertainment center.

    2. The business class, or mobile user who might have an hour and a half bus trip every day to work. They need a device that can handle email, basic document viewing and light editing, good call quality, a better music and video player for those long commutes, and some added features like a GPS and advanced BT profiles. They don't need huge screens, they need to pop these things into their pockets, and most likely already had a dedicated PDA that had a larger screen and formfactor that was too large to be comfortable. These are the folks that will prefer a smaller phone with device to device syncing, and are more than willing to stuff a netbook into the briefcase for more advanced stuff if needed. For GPS needs, they'll typically have a dedicated unit in the car, they're much better and more reliable for business trips and the like than a smaller, hard to see and hear phone GPS.

    3. The multimedia power users. These are (generally) the younger folks who want an all-in-one device that's a decent PDA, but more importantly, a movie machine, a gaming powerhouse with lots of selection with online multiplayer action, a hefty, full featured music player, big keyboard for those 100 texts a day or more, full browsers.....basically, they want a full computer in a formfactor smaller than a laptop, or even a netbook. I only say younger from my experience. Us older guys generally shy away from the huge beasts of phones, we've already been through that phase, and know its not what we want. My younger sister was at the tail end of that, and wanted smaller, thinner, lighter, thinner, battery life, thinner........two bent Razrs in, she learned that smaller and thinner isn't for her, but she'd had enough time playing with the older, bigger PDA phones to know that wasn't her sweet spot either. My younger cousin is in that "bigger is better" group, she's 22, spends a lot of time at hospitals, waiting between appointments, and found that her laptop was too much of a pain. Get called early for an appt, it takes her a couple of minutes to save and exit, slap the lappie closed, stuff it in the carry bag, and shuffle everything around. For her, a larger phone is ideal, and I expect she'll get something larger than the Pre soon.

    Not everybody wants bigger, badder, faster, more. If anything, the majority of my peer group is getting rather dismayed at how complex even the cheaper flip phones are getting, and they're winding up with stuff they don't want, and will never use, with the stuff they DO want getting buried in the muddle of media and cheapo navigation features.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GenericMusings View Post
    1. Maybe because I have rather thick fingers and the rather cramped screen gets more annoying the longer I live with the phone. Or... Maybe because I'm getting older and like to be able to actually SEE what it is I'm trying to do.

    2. Maybe because I would have the phone in a holster and not in my pocket.

    3. Maybe you're starting to repeat yourself (See 1)

    Why do you even care what someone else wants or needs? Does it somehow inconvenience you if they do?
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    I can see pictures of my still hot wife, of 20 years in better detail.
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    pocketability? sure, lets hold back progress because some people want to carry devices in pockets instead of in a side case where it belongs....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leke View Post
    Why not ask the millions of iPhone users that made apple rich? I'm sure they will also have advice to give to palm and their amazing pre/pixi sales.
    But we're not iPhone users. We're Pre users who chose not to get the iPhone. I don't want a bigger phone. I want portability with a great screen. The pinch feature allows me to see everything even with my eyes. If I have to go back to something clunky, I'd just as soon not have a smart phone. I don't want every smart phone to become an iPhone clone or iPhone wanabe.

    The Pre is distinctive and I like it that way.
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    What kind of jeans and shorts do you all wear? Tight skinnys and daisy dukes? You really can't fit it it in your pocket?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Old farts with deteriorating eyesight, such as myself.
    I have the deteriorating eyesight and, being a woman, I also have to keep my purse light on my shoulders. I don't want a bigger phone. On the other hand, I have a 3 Lb and a 1 Lb laptop. When I want a bigger screen and full computing, I take one of them with me. The 1 Lb fit's in my fanny pack with essentials such and ID & ATM cards.

    I use both laptops less now that I have the Pre and I never carry them around just buzzing around town. I carry to work in my briefcase or satchel and I carry on out of town trips. Otherwise, my Pre does it all for me.
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    For me the iPhone's 3.5 inch screen is perfect. Anything over 3.7 is a little much, I think. And the bigger the screen, the skinnier the phone can be.

    But it really depends on what you use your phone for.
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    Well the bigger screen for some with not so good eyesight would be more beneficial to them the phone can be the greatest in the world but if you can't see it then it does nothing for you, but on the other hand, A screen that is too big and it defeats the purpose of it being a pocket sized computer, which is what these smartphones are becoming.

    As for carrying a brick in your pocket that all is something that each individual will have to take into consideration when shopping for a smartphone, how it feels in your hand and will you be comfortable carrying this device in your pocket. It always makes me laugh when people get a phone and then cry and moan that it doesn't do this or doesn't do that when it never said it did lol that's why you shop around and decide which phone is best for you.
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    Next screen technology: a touch screen so thin and flexible that it can be folded.

    That way, when you need extra screen real estate, you just flip out the extra screen and you're golden.

    Problems solved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VickMackey View Post
    pocketability? sure, lets hold back progress because some people want to carry devices in pockets instead of in a side case where it belongs....
    Your definition of which direction is progress is obviously different than mine. And you are entitled to your opinion, as am I.
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