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    As a recent owner of the Pre Plus, I'm exploring all my options regarding protection of the device: screen protectors, protective shells, etc. Any idea on how sensitive the Pre is to drops? If I drop it once (from a reasonable distance...4-5 feet), is it going to be toast? It's such a beautiful device, I hate to have to put it in a protective case and cover it up.
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    The regular pre (which is more fragile if anything) has taken 4 foot drops onto tile but the screen is very easily scratched so IMHO all you need is a nice screen protector
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    mine is naked... have had it over a month and its still good. I haven't dropped it yet tho...
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    +1 on the screen protector suggestion. Plastic screens scratch pretty easily. I've had the Zagg InvisiShield and it was decent. I've heard good things about Phantom Skinz though.
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    get a cheap set of screen protectors from ebay. I got a set of six for $3 from hong kong and have yet to remove the first one. It's barely scratched and no bubbles whatsoever.
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    +1 for phantomskins..only need one for the screen, they send you two for the price of one, there are these very nice leather cases that are pretty expensive Vaja - Leather Products (navigate to the pre) that look more durable and stylish then the standard pre case...but really you dont need a proper case unless you drop your pre all the time on hard surfaces.
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    The Pre is no more fragile or durable than, say, ans iPhone. Perhaps a bit less fragile since plastic can take an impact with less visable effects than glass and soft aluminum/metal.

    I have a BestSkinsEver applied over the face since I pocket my Pre all the time....its preistine. The soft TouchStone compatible back needs nothing...its pretty resistant to scratches as-is.

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