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    I have had my Pre Plus for almost a month now and this morning I noticed that on white screens there are orange streaks running across it. I thought nothing of it and proceeded to the web browser where along the top, bottom, and right side of the screen, the colors were extremely faded, almost white. Does anybody know what might be causing this? At the same time my battery got really hot, and after I let it sit for a while, the streaks are still there. If anybody can help it would be greatly appreciated since my 30 days are almost up.
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    Haven't seen that issue. Take it into Verizon and compare it to one of the ones they have there. If you're not satisfied, get your worry-free replacement before your 30 days are up (otherwise you'll be getting a refurb) If you end up getting a replacement make sure you check the screen over before you leave the store (remove the plastic sheet and check it over). I didn't, and ended up having to get a refurb because what I thought was an air bubble ended up being a crack! Also, test the keys out as soon as you can to make sure you don't have the double press/missed key press issue.

    Good luck!
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    mines is doing this also, i have like a grey screen
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    I had this issue with mine, except it was like a Sepia color.
    Then I discovered that it was happening only when I was wearing my sunglasses. It is consistent that way, as it has been that for my last three phones.
    (& probably my next one, if I can get to a service center).

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