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    after about 3hrs its going dead any suggestions.
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    Do you have a good signal (EVDO?) If you're roaming or on 1x, your battery will suffer.
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    i have 3g signal
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    Did you even read the post before you?

    We gave a bunch of suggestions
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vkitty View Post
    GPS on
    WiFi on
    IMAP (pull every 15mins dont really need instant)
    two email accounts
    FB notification enables

    Signal strength not so good, it keeps switching from evo, and trying to get a stronger signal. Which may be why I dont get a good a battery life as most people.

    Like I said early, I last a full day with all those one, If I turn some of those off, I can go 2 days.

    With pandora streaming, I can go most of the day on a full battery (Pandroa is a battery hog!!)
    You're doing very good then with those settings.
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    sry....doing that now
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    If your out of range, the battery does drain faster, and you might want to consider the extended battery.

    But there might also be something wrong with your battery. Try switching with your wife's battery, just to be sure. If you still have the same problem, try the CPU scaler first. Leave the 800 mhz patch until you're certain that you have improved battery life. Then try the 800 mhz patch.

    And yes, BB phones are the king of battery life. But they also offer reduced functionality. iPhone and Androids offer a day of heavy use. That's the future of the smartphone unfortunately.

    Just my 0.02
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    Personal experience, I notice just the 600MHz patch actually improves battery life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blz2 View Post
    GPS off
    WiFi off (both off until needed)

    Signal strength is well, Sprint-good. Which is to say not the best around here. Home is bad, but I'm always plugged into the USB. When I'm on the road or away from home, its not bad. We have Sprint antennas throughout our office so its always full strength.

    Email accounts:
    Yahoo (5 minutes)
    Gmail (5 minutes)
    Exchange (15 minutes)
    I had them set to "As they arrive" but I've read mixed things on this so I switched it, trying to save the battery. I haven't noticed any gains.

    FB notifications? I just get text alerts. Not sure how else to turn them on (until the new Palm FB is released).
    I doubt CPU scaling is going to make much of a difference in your case. If possible adjust your polling times on your email accounts to 30 minutes or greater. Polling every 5 minutes will zap you quick. Especially on 2 accounts. "As They Arrive" is better than polling every 5 minutes. You would be even better off to consolidate your Yahoo or Gmail into one account so you only had one account to check. I don't have any experience with Exchange so I can't comment on it. My rule of thumb is "As They Arrive" is the best setting if you need to poll < 30 minutes. Keep you screen brightness as low as possible too.

    One thing you might want to do is use BatteryMonitor to monitor your battery drain with your data connection turned off. This will give you a good baseline to start from. Then try playing with your email settings while monitoring your drain % per hour.
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    I got the seidio 2600MAh battery and I can use and abuse my phone for 3 days without having to charge. Obviously there is something wrong with your battery, unless you left wifi on or are doing something other then SMS. I can kill my battery in ~8 hours if I watch 4 2 hour movies back to back. So its either a bad battery or maybe you have something going on in the background.
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    I think my "Airplane Mode" is broken...when I activate it (using the patch that gives the option after pushing the power button) I don't see any difference...and I still get texts and such.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SqyArc View Post
    And this is the reason I own 4 batteries and an external charger But I agree with you, I should only need one.
    Why get 4 batteries whe you can just get the (I think) 2400 battery? I can use it with extremely heavy usage with hooked up to my radio at work for Slacker Radio, using it for web a lot, talking, and having the 800MHz patch. From 6am to about 10pm I usually have 15 percent left.

    Waste of time having 4 batteries to constantly switch out all the time.
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    mine just lasted about 15 hours yesterday with heavy texting and a call or two in there...I think i changed my email to on demand though for my exchange accounts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blz2 View Post
    This pathetic battery only last 3-4 hours with moderate texting, occasional emails and checking Facebook. I shouldn't have to carry a power source around with my phone. It's absolutely ridiculous. People around me are clicking away for hours on their Blackberry's and the battery barely budges. Sorry Palm, but you get a big FAIL for this. What good is webOS when it sucks the life out of the battery?!
    Are you in an area where signal constantly drops out? That could explain this behavior. I was getting approx 8 hours where battery would drain to 20%. I downloaded the patch the allowed the always roam option (verizon gets a better signal in my office building as they recently installed another device to boost signal inside). This has helped the battery life immensely.

    With the latest update it seems sprint has made roaming a bit more flexible as even on the automatic roaming setting it now roams much faster.

    I have several email and chat accounts active at all times. I also do browsing and multitasking all the time so I would consider my use of the PRE above average.

    I had purchased a bigger battery (2700 mAH) that has made the battery last nearly 2 days. It has also made my PRE a bit bulkier but I didn't mind.

    There was a series of articles published on totally palmed that talk about how to increase battery life with a few tweaks. I think if you search on google you can find them.
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    I just got through mowing my lawn, listening to music with Motorola S305 BT stereo headphones, started at 100%, 90 minutes later, was down to 81%.
    I don't think that's too bad.
    Next time, I'll try Slacker and see how much juice it uses.
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    More like CDMA radios = pathetic. Turn on airplane mode for a day and see what happens if you need proof.
    : (){:|:&};:
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    Quote Originally Posted by blz2 View Post
    Thanks I will give that a shot tonight.
    You should look at the battery montoring app as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peterlemonjello View Post
    You're doing very good then with those settings.
    Well, I do have the 720mhz patch, I still think the the 800mhz patch is a bit of a drain on the battery.

    I do need to charge it when I get home if I want to fully use it the next day though.
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    One thing I've started to notice but haven't been able to prove is that keeping certain apps open has a bigger impact on battery drain. The most noticeable app is Messaging. I stay connected to FB chat, Yahoo IM, and GTalk all day long. My battery drain seems to be much worse if I keep the card open instead of closing it. Even though it's still running when the card is closed. I believe the same about the email app too.

    Hopefully, I'll get some free time to test this soon. I'll post back with the results.
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    I know one thing everyone mentions turning down screen brightness, but has anyone besides me noticed that lowering the brightness does nothing for battery life if you keep it basically from the brightest setting? I've had mine on the lowest setting all day, and my battery drain has been the same that it normally is.
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