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    contract with verizon up in august and want to make the switch to sprint (want to get wife into a smartphone and cant afford family plan on VZ). I am dying to get into WebOS (have been torturing myself by reading precentral for the last year!) but don't know what phones will be available. Any suggestions as to what to do if my contract is up and there are no WebOS phones on Sprint? Can I do a month to month with VZ if there is word of a new WebOS phone coming out in the fall? I don't want to wait a day past my VZ contract, however!!
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    Does Verizon have pay-as-you go? You could do that until they get WebOS stuff I suppose.
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    If Verizon is like most carriers once your contract is up your bill stays the same. You don't have to re-up, they will be happy to take your money each month. Just stick with them till sprint has something you want to move to.
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    My wife and I pay 109.00 for our family plan with 2x Pres on Sprint. It rocks!

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