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    Does it use up much battery life to have bluetooth just turned on, but not connected to anything?
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    yes, it does. I turn mine off when I'm not using it. I noticed a significant increase in battery life when I did that.
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    I know a lot of people have said to turn off your bluetooth to saved battery, but I have had different experiences.

    Heres an example.. Yesterday I had my phone off the charger for 16 hours with the bluetooth on until it needed a charge.

    Im a light to medium cell phone user so...

    Its really weird because everyone says to use wifi whenever you can to save battery, but I get better life out of a charge with wifi off.

    I would say test it out for yourself.
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    I'm a light user and I leave my bluetooth (and wifi) on all the time and don't notice any significant battery drain.
    If a have a fully charged phone at end of day Friday, it lasts the entire weekend (mostly on standby)

    If I'm actually using my bluetooth headset to listen to music, then of course the battery will drain more than usual, but you have to expect that.
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    I'm a heavy bluetooth headset user and a heavy phone user. I have music playing all day, and I use it to take calls. I'm also using the 800mhz patch and the fast cards patch (I also keep my screen cranked to full power, cause that's just how I roll) My day starts at 9 am, and by 6 pm I need to charge the phone but that's fine with me cause I charge it while eating supper.

    It just gets me through the work day and if I know ahead of time that I'm going to be in a low signal area, I slap on my extended battery and I'm good till midnight.

    That will give you an idea of what maxing out the battery will get you.

    And don't forget, you can try the CPU scaling app. I hear it helps with battery life and it's really solid.

    Update: I'm actually finding the CPU scaling app makes my battery life worse. Not sure why. It should be the complete opposite. I would wait for the app to mature. But the 800 mhz patch on it's own isn't too bad at all. But if are doing a lot of streaming, then the phone get's hot, but that's also true for the stock 500 mhz setting.

    And apparently, Palm is working on better battery life for the next update.

    (And yes, I'm responsible for global warming. It's not an easy burden, but I take full responsibility)

    I know you just wanted a simple answer, does bluetooth drain power, and I over answered. Sorry. Uh... yes. A bit.
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