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    Hurry before promotion ends (original price was $4.99, i think). Only last 4 days! Loving this promotion, first Real Tennis and now this. I'm hoping they'll do promo on Let's Golf. Keep em coming!
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    Thanks for the tip!
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    Good game, it was worth $5 than and now for 99 cent...go buy it guys!
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    I went ahead and got it, downloading it now. It's my birthday, I might as well splurge on myself with a $.99 game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cringer View Post
    I went ahead and got it, downloading it now. It's my birthday, I might as well splurge on myself with a $.99 game.
    Happy B'day !!!
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    GREAT GAME for .99!

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    Downloading now......Sweet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RMB View Post
    Happy B'day !!!
    heh, thanks.

    Just played some of the game, pretty fun. Controls work well enough.
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    nice! My first app store purchase!
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    Very good game! And controls are much easier to get used to than Real Tennis. I bought it this morning and already completed first 3-4 levels. Really fun! Definitely a steal at 99 cents.

    However a warning for concerned parents: This is a pretty bloody and violent game with some cut scenes that are pretty explicit. So you may wanna keep it away from your kids.
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    sweet.. thanks for the heads up.. just picked up and seems pretty good
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    Thanks for the notice! Purchased a copy for my Pre too
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    Just downloaded. What a deal.
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    Purchased! I did the same for Real Tennis too. I wish the controls on these games were more responsive. Im waiting for Palm to fix this 1:1 issue with the touch screen. It makes the games hard to play, especially Nova (my god its frustrating).
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    $0.99 SHOOT YEAH!! I just got out of a long meeting and I see this...down loading now. I LOVE Gameloft games. This is one of the few I don't own. I have been wanting to buy it, but I told myself to chill for awaile. Oh well, at .99 how can you go wrong with the quality of Gameloft's games.

    Thanks Gameloft!!!

    Update: On a quick break I was able to play a little. Very impressive!! For those mentioning they have never bought a game like this, or that this is thier first one...for $0.99 Go for it!!! These games are very polished, very fun and hours of entertainment. And this is from a guy in his 40'
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    Woot woot. I dl all the 0.99cents game. Thank you for heads up. I couldn't wait for Lets Golf so I got that for it's original price.
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    Very Nice!!! dl'ed already!! Loving the sales
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    Deal for 99 cents! Just bought it. My first 3D game for my Pre.. very very impressive!
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    got it even though I have it on my PS3/PSP as well.
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    I assume the LOOOOOOOOOOONG download time I am experiencing is likely due to the number of people trying to get this deal all at the same time?
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