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    Longer sms tone duration patch does this exist?
    I have the sms tone contact which give me tone for each contact nd a tone for each alert nd each notification bt they only last like 3 seconds when the ring anybody no how to make it last longer
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    Use a longer messaging tone.
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    Not a longer tone, but you can get a patch to make the vibration last longer.
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    yes longer tone, do what the first poster said, get a longer messaging tone.
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    i have a song as my message tone nd have the patch for the 5 second vibrate bt it doesnt do nothin my sms tone is still like 2 or 3seconds
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    you need a sms tone longer than 2 to 3 seconds? The one I made is 2 seconds.
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    i jus lookin for a patch or something so my sms tone rings a lil bit longer for at least 5 to 10 seconds so i can hear
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    I know what you mean. Mine never plays the whole ringer, so a longer one won't really help. I'd also like a way to shut it up like you can the phone ringer. No matter what I do, it plays through (but not to the end, just to where it has decided to chop it).
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    I installed my notifications and my sms tone still plays 3 secs. Does anyone know how to change it cause i cant find anything in the forum for it

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