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    I need to return my pre, got a new one sent. Im trying to doctor the old one so that they dont have a problem....(I've homebrewn and patched it...)...

    But, The doctor is not sensing my Palm Pre Plus...Im using the latest 1.4.0 doctor for VZW....

    Am I doing something wrong? Whats going on?
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    Put it into USB mode before running webOS Doctor. Power down the phone. Then hold the volume up button and power the phone on. It should immediately pop into USB mode. Once you see the USB icon you can release the volume up button, connect it to your PC, and fire up webOS Doctor.
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    Here's some more info if needed:
    How To Recover - WebOS Internals
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    Yup followed the webOS internals guide...worked come I didnt find this when I was searching for such a How To.... Im blind...Thanks!

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