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    does anyone know how to add a photo to my email signature. This is for my exchange account. I'd like to add it to so that clients don't know if i'm in the office or on the road when I am replying to them.

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    Not possible, since the email signature field doesn't have the ability to insert links or insert photo's the only possible way it would ever work without the above would be it the signature field understood html formatting which it does not.

    I would suggest leaving feedback on this functionality at Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA
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    It's not directly relevant to your question, but this is one of my pet peeves. When I go looking for messages to or from someone in particular in Outlook, it used to be very convenient to be able to check the little paperclip symbol to know if there's an attachment in the email. Now so many people are adding pictures to their signatures that it's no longer as easy to find the messages with true attachments. So to me the answer is to remove the picture from your in-office account . . .

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