So, I've noticed a recurring problem, more recently. One of the e-mail accounts I have enabled on my Pre is a POP3 account (I wish I could switch it to imap, but not an option). Anyway, it's an account that I 'monitor' only. I have the mail client set to leave messages on the server. Typically, I just view some of the messages and delete them from the Pre. (Occasionally, I'll forward or reply to messages in this account.)

Amazingly, this is seems to really ****-off the Pre. This is the only time that I get the Too Many Cards or Memory Critically Low messages. Knowing this, usually, Mail is the only app that I'll have open, when accessing this account.

Strangely, even though the account is set to leave mail on the server, WebOS/Mail will start "spinning the little circle, in the top right corner, like it's trying to sync the account, when I delete messages from this account. (Sorry about the run-on sentence.)

So, anyone else experiencing this problem?

This particular mail issue would seem to me to be a relatively simple fix. But, since I've been waiting through a few rev's now, I'm starting to wonder if it's even recognized by Palm.