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    Quote Originally Posted by john3976 View Post
    You full of it, if Verizon was blocking GPS on the webOS phones then the Pixi would not work as well, my wife has the Pixi and it works great with the GPS, my pre on the other hand is hit and miss.
    I'm full of what? Truth? Verizon can choose to block whichever device they like. It's done by device ID. So don't give me that attitude. I know what I've seen. If you want your GPS problems to end go buy their VZnav subscription and see how fast your GPS starts working the way it should be. Geez!
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldgeekster View Post
    Most of us are doing our groaning on Verizon's "Community forums" rather than here where all of the other provider's users are gathering. Many are just taking their Pre +, whatever, back to the store and paying the $35 restocking fee. For me, (retiree), GPS is not an essential function and although I still have a few days of 30-day return eligibility I'll just stick with this one.

    The only thing I know on the GPS issue (whether recognized by Verizon or not it is an Issue) is that mine will work normally for an average of two days. Now when GPS quits working with other applications, I open their "VZ Navigator App", (which I refuse to pay an additional $9.99/mo for), when it gets to the point where it offers for me to sign up for that "service" I simply put it in the background then toss it. Sure enough all of my GPS apps will then run quite acceptably for a couple of days before I have to repeat it. Many of us are hoping WebOS will "fix" this when Verizon finally releases the update - but I have my doubts.

    Not saying this is something deliberate - it is what *I* happen to be seeing and, for me, it works every time - others have reported it doesn't help them.

    I just remember hearing these same type of issues when the original HTC Touch came out on Verizon...Sorry I forgot what it was called on Verizon, definitely called Touch on Sprint.

    There were plenty of arguements/complaints on PPC Geeks, suggesting that Verizon cripples(Not exactly completely removes) certain aspects in the phones they get from that it was basically forcing their customers to use their pay for services, like Verizon Nav. People didnt understand why the same exact phone that was launched on Sprint, had more/better functionality.

    I just find that curious...seeing how my launch day PRE never had a problem with GPS, infact the Google Maps GPS would generally pick my signal up faster almost every time compared to Sprints Nav GPS signal.
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    I have to say the GPS in my Pre is top-notch. I don't see why Pre Plus should have an issue if it is the same chip, I mean it works on the ground floor of my house literally works in some of the places where no other phone I've had GPS on has. GPS has never been an issue for me, ever. Verizon has always been up to funny crap to make themselves money...look at how they mandated Brew on pretty much every phone for so many years...limiting what the phone can do and screwing the user from USB connections to the phone, etc. I hate Verizon with a passion for what I've seen them do, no doubt in my mind they can make the GPS seem like it's not working.
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    its a verizon problem. i had a sprint pre and gps worked great. evdo was bad. on verizon evdo is great. gps is bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    i have a sprint pre and i am a truck driver.. my gps works flawlessly everywhere i go correct me if im wrong, but isnt verizon known to do do this sort of thing.... and if your on verizon, you must be rich, so just pony up for their nav
    Rich or not, I'm not paying $8/mo (or whatever it is) for Verizon's nav service. That's over $160 for 2 years. I can buy a GPS unit for less than that.
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    Holy good god. You have to be ignorant to think Verizon is blocking the GPS on the Pre/Pixi. Yes, they're notorious for doing such a thing on other devices, like the Blackberry, but they are not doing such a thing with the Pre or their Android devices.

    Can't you guys just accept the fact that the GPS chip in the Pre is ****, just like the rest of the hardware?
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