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    I'm a bit fed up with the Palm Pre core photo application, it just doesn't satisfy my needs, I hoped it would improve with the OS updates but it hasn't changed for a very long time and I fear it won't.

    Is there any valid alternative out there? It was soo cool with my Treo650
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    PalmOS apps were feature rich. You would figure these would be carried over into webos, but sadly no. Hopefully with the release of native app development kit from palm we will have some good things coming down the line.

    One thing I really miss is multiple delete. Anyone who takes pictures knows to get that one good shot you need to take many. Espcially on a cell phone. Having to go to each picture is a little time consuming and half the time they will stay there.

    you could even draw lines and add text in the native palm app. nice to have sometimes.
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    What features are you looking for in such an app?
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    I'd like subfolder/albums, categories, ability to add captions and tag photos to contacts.
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    can you not create new folders in usb drive and insert pics to individual folders
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    you can, but thats the whole purpouse of the photo application. I mean it is a "smart phone" after all.
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    I think subfolders in the photo app would be great.
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    multii-delete would be great and maybe a multiishot option.

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