(some kind of dream) I would like to see a micro sd card slot on the bottom of the phone. Deathly missing micro usb card

front facing camera, rear camera placement seems fine to me. Never use my toggle switch( be better if I could toggle wifi)
replace the mirror on the back with another touch screen for adjusting exposure/white balance/ etc for camera + 2 touchscreens on a PHONE!! come on...

So I was posting a reply on Sketh's thread http://forums.precentral.net/showthr...99#post2388699 and as I was rambling it occurred to me about the second screen. His pictures inspire me to dream about Pre2. thanks dude.

iphone=virtual keyboard.
HTCPre=smiling keyboard.
Kinda joking about HTC but they have the financial backing and build quality that Pre deserves. Just don't try to bring me to Android, o.k. HTC?
Webos Win.