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    So does the Pre store the music you buy from amazon using the amazon app to the phone now? I downloaded a song and put the phone in airplane mode and the song still played. I know this sounds dumb but I need to be sure. And no I have no patches or anything like that and yes I did do a search on here and got WAY too many results to go through. I was always under the impression it only streamed. Let me know and thanks in advance!
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    if you buy a song it gets downloaded to your pre
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    Ok just checking thanks man. When did that start? The first time I tried it when I got the phone it just streamed, so I never tried it again. And that was launch day!
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    I have had my Pre since the 1st of August 2009 and it has always downloaded purchases from the Amazon MP3 store, hence the name MP3 in the title. I can't speak for what the very first version of WebOS called the application, though, as there was already at least one update when I first activated my phone.
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    Purchases have always been downloaded to the phone. I downloaded several songs on launch day.

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