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    The second in my series! So what sound do you use as your text message sound? If you've downloaded it, please provide a link so we can listen to it! (Unless it's on the phone initially!)

    My current text message sound is "Vibes (short)"

    I like it alot, but I'm open to suggestions!
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    Very short mp3 clips of various songs, use the SMS per contact. Default SMS alert is 1st 2 measures of the intro to "Werewolves of London"
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpeedBrkr View Post
    I'm using the Metal Gear Solid "!" (Alert) Sound.

    Get it here:

    Bunch more MGS sounds here:
    Metal Gear Solid 2.5: Substance
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    iphone sms ringtone xD haha
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    I love Triangle (Short) that quick "PING!" is short, powerful, but smooth.
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    the sound u hear when ur discovered in MGS the "!"
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    navi from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. she says "Hey, Hey LOOK!"
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    mine says "watch out pre the evo is coming" ding dong
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    I use a Yoda txt alert in General, and anyone from my dojo gets SF4 Zangief "Russian Wrestling is always #1"

    Wish I could find more street fighter sounds.
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    I use sms dying like the stock text alert for mobiles but runs out of charge at the end.
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    I use a R2D2 sound from starwars. I'll post the link when I find it.
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    I custom made my own alert tone.

    Any requests??? I'm accepting them!!! Just give me an idea of what kind of sound you want.
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    Every Sound On My Phone Are Sound Effects From The Super Mario Brothers Game. My Text Is The Sound Of Him Goin In The Tunnel. Alerts Are A 1UP Sound. Email Is The Time Running Out, And The Ringtone Is The Theme Song
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    Quote Originally Posted by churro View Post
    the sound u hear when ur discovered in MGS the "!"
    That's Great! I Always Loved The Sound
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    : (){:|:&};:
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    I don't get a sound for a text message anymore. Something happened after the latest update. Does silent count as a sound?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobvanjr View Post
    Does silent count as a sound?
    That's deep...

    But seriously, that's not normal. A WebOS Doctor may be in order.
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