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    Sorry for Sprint store employees ijustine. Please come to Pre
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    That video is almost a year old ... I'm sure if she REALLY wanted a Pre she would have gotten one by now.
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    lol i remember when i saw that video for the first time lol. she is hot, and has some other channels that are sometimes interesting, but only in a sexy kinda of way lol
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    I'd hit it.
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    Sadly, she's absolutely right. Every word.
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    shes not hot enough to cover up how annoying she is...
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    I watched the video where she went looking for one saying how crap Palm was for not having demo phones despite the fact it was a Sprint problem. Stopped following her on twitter after that, stupid bint!
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    I kinda know that area of SanFran too. Nice city, but not sooo many hot girls as Miami. When I say hot I mean scantily clad of course
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    Remember seeing that. This is one classical example why I do not want to be associated with the iPhone. Because their users are idiots.
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    That video is wicked old please with the name Ijustine I don't think she will be switching anytime soon half of her video's are apple commercials.

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    I think she was trying to be funny, but came off as a real id10t

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