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    how can i use web os quick install on a pre and pixi? i know they need 2 different versions of web os dr. how can i use quick install for both phones? i find myself continually having to delete one version and redownload the other phones version to keep from running into issues when patching my phone. i usually use preware, but have to erase preware after awhile as it just loads forever, and i reinstall it through quick install. surely there is another way to do this. i tried a search already with no results on what i need . thanks in advance.
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    I still need help with this
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    it's *really* easy. create 2 folders. Name one Pre, name the other Pixi. put a copy of WOSQI in each folder. when you use the Pre, run the WOSQI from the pre folder. When you use the Pixi, run it from the pixi folder.

    You'll have 2 seperate apps, with 2 separate versions of the doctor, since WOSQI just looks for a Doctor file within the same folder.
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    awesome, i will try that. thanks a bunch

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