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    Having more problems with my Palm Pre. I friggin love WebOS, and I do NOT wanna switch to another phone. I've ben spoiled by WebOS's multitasking. But I don't like the form factor, and I seem to be having all these problems with it. I really want to switch to the Pixi, but I don't wanna pay $200. I'm on my 4th Pre! So if I go to my local Sprint store, and tell them i'm tired of getting all these replacements, will they downgrade me to the Pixi without having to pay a bunch of money? Or is it possible for me to go to BestBuy, and do the whole Wirefly price match and renew my contract, and pay $30?

    Thanks for the help.
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    1. How long have you had your Pre?

    2. Best Buy Mobile won't renew your contract unless you're eligible for a 2 year or Sprint Premier 1 year upgrade(I am a Best Buy Mobile Employee.)

    if you want to try, find a Sprint Store that has associates that know what the hell they're talking about. I have come to find that's difficult to find these days. Best Buy Mobile is your best bet as we aren't comissioned. if we don't know, we'll find out. (unlike Sprint, if they don't know, they lie because they're too lazy to find out.)
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    they will let you switch to a different phone of equal or lesser value if you have had 4 or 5 replacements.
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    GarretQ is right. Just when you go into the Sprint store, you may have to put up a decent fight. They can do it. Just gotta find one who will.
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    sell your pre on ebay to help fund buying a pixi.
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    I work at Sprint. This can only be done a Sprint corporate store with a repair center in it. If you are going to a third party store that has a repair center they can not do that for you. Good luck!

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