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    So, I have had the pre plus for a 1 week now and am very happy with it despite bad battery life. One thing that has been annoying me alot though is my backplate. It seems to be on correctly but whenever I press on the back even slightly it creaks. It is most obvious when I am typing because I have to grip the back.

    I am curious, are there any other owners having this problem?
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    Take it off and snap it back on correctly for sure

    Don't press it on in all directions at once... Align it at the top and and lower it into the bottom clasp, then press on either side till you get the clicks.

    If it still creaks after that, get a replacement.
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    I had the same problem. I placed small strips of padded stretch athletic tape on the inside of the cover and it solved the problem. Palm should have used a stiffer plastic.

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    I will try and see if doing what Gamah said works tomorrow, it's dark where I am now and I am sleepy and will probably just mess it up lol. As for stuffing stuff back there, I would like that to be a last resort.

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