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    I am looking for a RSS reader, preferrably free. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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    I use Feeds Free. I haven't tried any others so I can't compare, but it syncs with Google Reader and it's priced right.
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    If you are looking for paid app, I use "Feeds"...although I like the look of Newsroom much better...but it came out after. That has individual per feed notifications and a lot of other goodies. Check those two out. Feeds seems to have a lot of issues about days later "cannot login to google reader" cause it syncs with that. I have to log it out and back in.
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    Do you use google reader? If so their mobile site works pretty good. I put a bookmark of it where my apps are and works great.
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    Are there any rss clients that cache images along with articles?
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    Any other input? I have been wondering the same thing. Be it free or a paid app.

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