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    What is wrong with webOS 1.4.1 and dropped WIFI connections on the Sprint Pre? My connection drops an hour after I'm connected to my WIFI network. Is this happening on just the Sprint Pre? Or is this an issue with webOS 1.4.1?
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    Don't know.

    My WiFi connection has always been solid and continues to be solid with 1.4.1 .

    Have you added a patch which might be affecting the WiFi?
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    This always happened to me after updating to 1.4. I just gave up on trying to fix it.
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    I wonder if the "connection drops an hour" happens when your phone is in sleep mode. Goto your WIFI settings, call up the preferences menu from the top left of the screen, and check if your WIFI sleep settings is set to "keep Wi-Fi on".
    (I believe the "turn WIFI off when phone sleeps " option is new in the 1.4 update as a way to save some battery juice)

    Or, this may or may not be the case, but I have seen some WIFI routers that seem to have the habit of disconnecting devices randomly from time to time. Happens sometimes when I connect with my notebook computer to some routers.
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    Issue Corrected apparently. Its working fine at my house, just failed 3 separate times with 4 separate networks while on the road. I don't get why it would work after the DR to 1.3 but not the OTA to 1.4 but its working fine with 1.4 at my house on my secure G......
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    I have looked in the WIFI connections menu and I checked to keep the WIFI turned on while the phone is asleep. I have not added any patches related to WIFI service.
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    i just got a wifi hotspot at my house, im with sprint, and i have mine set to stay on when sleeping... i have no problems with it disconnecting.. must be something you have done to your phone... i am on 1.4.1
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    I have wifi issues when I apply patches, period, wifi related or not. Or if install Preware, even if I never run it. Kind of a bummer, really. This doesn't happen to everyone, but it's worth considering.
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    I still get this randomly. I can't easily duplicate it though so it makes it tough to report to Palm. Ever since they added the "no sleep" option in the wifi menu, my connections have been hit/miss.
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    Well I like my patches, so I guess I have to put up with these hit and miss WIFI connections until I find a phone that doesn't require such needed patches. I'm praying for a HTC + Palm product that features a solid device with webOS 2.0. Maybe that OS will use some of the patches found in Preware and provide stability and reliability. Lol.

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