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    tis my only complaint about the phone. The issue has been getting better gradually the longer I have had the phone, the more the keyboard has been broken in, realizing that I have to press the buttons harder, the longer my phone has been on at any time, etc.

    I see all the debates about hardware vs software...tastes great or less filling?

    ANYWAYS, the point I am getting at, isn't there some software update palm can implement whereby autocorrect can kick in everytime a double/triple/quadruple...letter is typed, and/or a letter is missed?

    I'm not a computer programmer by any strech of the imagination, so I'm not sure how easy or difficult that would be, but it certainly seems to me that it would solve the problem in a jiffy.
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    It is hardware. My Sprint Pre has been doing it lately too. I get a lot of wear and tear on this phone, use it non-stop everyday.
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    again, hardware or software...if an autocorrect feature is programmed, won't that solve the issue?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    again, hardware or software...if an autocorrect feature is programmed, won't that solve the issue?
    I would think so. I really don't know how complex the task would be for someone in the community to address, but I've thought for some time now that if Palm implemented a simple, 50ms delay after each keystroke before a new one is registered, it would take care of the issue.

    Either way, one would hope Palm is working on a timely fix for everyone.
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    any developers or people with knowledge of computing basics have any thing to contribute? If I type baddd I would think an autocorrect feature would be able to pick that up, no?
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    Yes, there is an autocorrect file we can update (/etc/palm/autoreplace/en_us/text-edit-autoreplace for US English users). I did it just last night. But I would think it would be more of a nuisance than it's worth to add occurrences to correct unintentional, doubled letters. Think about it. How many possible words would that be? Thousands ! At least !! And then 1/2 of the corrections you would reject because there are equally as many valid words with doubled letters. thorne
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    is there a dictionary of some sorts that can be referenced to?
    for example:
    todday isss a good dayy.
    is there some sort of algorithm that can be referenced to that can pick up misspelled words and correct them that would be smart enough to differentiate a double letter as in the word "good" as opposed to "todday"?

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