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    Quote Originally Posted by Kedar View Post
    lol... 480 x 320.
    Ok there edited
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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex Pants View Post
    I am not sure about the 24bit. As far as I know the pre uses a TN TFT screen, which maxes at 18bit. However they use dithering to up the color count to that of 24 bit.

    TFT LCD - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The specs are directly from Palm's website. Pretty easy to check the Wiki too...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevesrjr86 View Post
    I love how I can see my screen in direct sunlight. No other phone I've used I can see the screen in direct sun light. I hope when/if they release a new phone it uses the same screen technology in that sense.
    Bingo. I do believe it's a trans-reflective [or trans-flective by some] display.

    It's the reason the Treo 650 was the shiznit back in the day.

    ... And the reason I bought a laptop with a trans-reflective screen on my "PortableOne" laptop for an extra $400. I thought I'd use my 4.3 lbs laptop outside enough to benefit from this (nope). Probly not until the device weighs ~2 lbs would I ever consider the need for such a screen... A tablet, yes. A netbook, possibly... but it better be a bad A S S netbook.

    I've got a very nice netbook, a desktop with ssd & 24" monitor, a palm pre, but I think I'd really get a lot of use out of an eReader. Something I hadn't really thought about until all this iPad brew haha. A Kindle 2 seems very nice to me with E-Ink screen. Very practical to me. Not sure why I haven't thought about buying one sooner.
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    The Pre Screen Looks Good Until You Watch Sprint TV
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    i think it looks so goo cause it has a lottle of pixels packed on a small screen. it has the same res as the iphone but its a bit smaller
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