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    as of 4-20-10 i will be on my 2nd pre since launch.. it officially got stuck in headset mode.. removed all preware with doctor...Oh.. and geeksquad protection plan is a joke.. at least the best buy by my home (orange,ca) walk in there let them know my freaking phone is stuck in headset mode. they send me to geek squad area guy comes back out after 15 minutes and says we need to send it out im like long is it going to take he says 3-4 weeks im like ***.. he then goes on and offers me temporary replacement for 150 bucks till my phone gets back.. im f%# this im going to sprint since they messed up when I first purchased the phone at best buys the guy never removed the sprint protection plan... thank god.. because i drove down the street to the nearest sprint store where they looked at it and said we need to get you and new one and it will be here tuesday around noon.
    I've been waiting for my Pre to get back from Best Buy's repair center for almost two weeks now...and the store reps could give me no estimate on when it would be back...except to say "It's going to take a little while. They can't just do these things quickly." I'll be canceling my Black Tie plan as soon as I get my Pre back...whenever the hell that is.
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    Nice..over 1,000 views in less than a day. Keep posting..
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    This has happened to me and it's a hardware problem. The issue is the tension connectors that connect the the headphone jack to the PCB is not making good contact so the circuit is broken and the phone thinks that headphones are plugged in. I had to take my phone apart and bend the connectors out to make a better contact and problem solved. If you don't want to take your phone apart then I would take it back because I don't think your going to fix it otherwise.
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    ive had ten replacements with no insurance whatsoever. you people are getting ripped off...
    ten....really...really..what the heck are you doing with your phones? still on my first..slight oreo effect..but that's it
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