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    This will sound nuts, but this has only happened a few times and only on the pre....I have certain numbers that will call me and when I try to send a text by manually inputting the number or even by pressing sms NOTHING happens it wont even go, iv tried restarting and everything....

    Regardless of if its a landline or cell its suppose to me text any ten digit number and i know theses numbers work cause i talk to people, again only happened about 3 times but its annoying, anyone else? what causes this?
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    Hey man same thing happened to me i added my gf to my account and i couldn't txt her. I changed her number and now its fine. I have no idea what causes it i resend phone info from sprint and everything nothing worked.

    Try doctoring your phone. I didnt feel like doctoring so thats why i changed her number. Try to doctor and if that helps then its Palms fault if not then its Sprints.
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    but the numbers iv had this issue with are not even sprint n nothing to do with sprint
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    Quote Originally Posted by hotis300boy View Post
    but the numbers iv had this issue with are not even sprint n nothing to do with sprint
    Yea i don't know what to tell you man lol. I am guessing then that it's the Pre itself, because what i noticed is it wouldn't even let me send anything to that number.

    If it was the carrier it would just send but not recieve or something, its like the messaging program blocks that number completely.

    Like i said try doctoring your phone.
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    i know what it is... its a bug... if you text a person before you save them on your contact list and later on you try to send them a text by tapping on their name it will not work... u must manually type their number in or select their number from the messaging screen.... for some reason the contact app does not update the message app and confusion ensues....
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    not true in this case this person was not ever in my contacts, as i stated i have tried to manually type the number and go from my call log and text considering they are not saved

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