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    I have a buddy that works at the local radio shack here in ashland. He called me tonight because a customer had come in looking to upgrade her broken Treo pro to a new palm device. Well, because he didn't have any pre's at the store he looked into his computer to find one at another store, and he got a new message today stating that as of today Radio shack is discontinuing the pre, and the pixie will be discontinued next week? He has no info on anything new from palm to replace it, whether that be a pre and pixie plus, the "c40", or nothing? Something is up...I have a call into my local sprint guy to see what he knows. I was in there last week re-loading preware on his pre and he had just got back from a sprint convention where they had said that they were getting new palm phones? I didnt get a chance to talk with him about it because he was busy helping a customer I will try to get more info soon.

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    Well, I'll say this: there are enough rumors like this that I'm starting to get the impression that there's some truth behind them. That, and the recent changes around the executives, makes me think that we'll probably be hearing some significant news by the end of the month.
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