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    Whenever I'm on the phone and I try to tap in the upper right corner to turn bluetooth on/off or turn wifi on/off, the screen just goes black (I assume b/c of the proximity sensor). I've tried it from every angle possible and the screen just flashes black every time I tap there. Any way to avoid this?
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    no, hang up?
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    Hold the pre in your palm (no pun intended) and use your thumb to touch the screen
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    I've been having a similar issue. When on the phone, if I shift the phone the slightest bit, I have had issues with conference calling starting. Always to either the same person I am already talking to, or to someone who isn't even in my list of recent calls.

    I have also had my mute button turn on recently, and when I look at my phone, I can't fined the controls to turn it off (they should be right there on the screen).
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    you don't have a problem with the proximity sensor, it's doing exactly what it's supposed to. just turn the phone to speakerphone (which does not utilize the prox sensor) and you can get to the menu without the screen turning off, and then kick it back to normal after you change whatever it was you were changing.

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