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    I have tried unsuccessfully to send my palm pre contacts to the phone book of my garmin nuvi 1690. garmin says that a phone book is compatible with the pre. but it keeps stating 'make sure the device supports object push profile and is in receiving mode.' garmin has been unable to troubleshoot. this is now my second nuvi 1690- so i dont think its garmin. palm says that because the pre has a gps it will not export contacts to a gps- even though with bluetooth the contacts are shared and noted on caller id. but i am able to send it to my old nuvi 660. im not sure who's right. or if there is a solution im missing.
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    i was successful to aftermarket radio w/ bluetooth for calling, however i haven't seen this work with GPS devices.
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    I also purchased a garmin nuvi 1690 and the phone book and voice activation software are not working. Garmin says it should sync up.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    I have a Garmin 765T. I have found that I don't need to push contacts to the GPS. They show up on the GPS anyway. When I open the dialer on the GPS, all my contacts are listed in the favorites folder on the Garmin.

    Mine doesn't have voice dial, but I hope that it would work the same way to talk to it as it is for me to tap the name and have it dial.

    It also let's me tap the number listed with POI's and it calls them, too.
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    Make sure you did the latewst firmwareupdate of the device - i was able to make it work with a Nüvi 310 (!) last week after a firmware update that included updated bluetooth drivers!

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