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    From my own personal experience, only few of my friends and people I know have a Pre. The ones I know that do have a Pre are all guys. I don't know a single female who owns a Pre. Once in a long while, I might see a woman on the street holding a Pre, but not often.
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    I believe the pre looks like a rock. And i believe there is nothing more manlier than bashing a rock on someones head.
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    LOL jus the other day I told a lady friend of mine that the pre rules.

    she said yeah rite iphone does and called my phone a girl phone I lol.

    then we got busy
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    everyone loves my pixi

    i do they do who cares what some people think? they prolly are iphoners lol
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    OP, Do you know girls from guys? My guess, NO!
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    Ok...I dont agree with him. But of the Pixie had the same features and a bigger screen then the Pre, then i would have gotten a Pixie instead, regardlesss of the name of the phone. Pre's form factor doesnt scream out "WOMAN PHONE", but Palm doesnt help the case with the mirror the put on the phone and the women commercials lol. I still love my Pre regardless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    then don't comment is this thread it will just bring back to the new post section.
    If I don't comment then Palm's manly reputation will surely be tarnished with this thread stating otherwise!
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    He's right... The pre was designed to fit the needs of women.. Thats why it's small, has a mirror, etc..

    Op makes great points.
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    Because only women like compact phones with shiny bits on them.

    It's almost like no man ever owned a LG Shine...
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    from my friends there is only one more person i know using a pre, and she is a girl.
    The pre is an easy to use mobile device for everyone. But i think boys are more working with patches and so
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    how exactly does a black, simply shaped phone look girly? This is such a ridiculous, not to mention sexist, post. Its a phone, not a purse.
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    Big phones are for girls because you need a purse to carry one. Moto droid, give me a break, that thing is massive. This was the primary reason I bought the pre, because it could fit in my pocket, otherwise you need a "man purse" to carry one. I came from a LG dare, then had a storm 2, Env touch then went back to the dare before buying the pre. The most girlie thing about the pre is the name, but then look at the pixi, weird naming strategy.
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    my pre is a chick magnet... better than a puppy any day
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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
    He's right... The pre was designed to fit the needs of women.. Thats why it's small, has a mirror, etc..

    Op makes great points.
    Is that really a mirror though? Or just shiny metal?
    Because when I look at the mirror the space is just too small to actually be useful and it's blurry. If that's a mirror, add that to the hardware failures because it's not very functional.

    iPod Classic comes with a chrome back plate and is curvy. Guess that's for girls too.
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    The mirror is the most impressive feature of the Pre when I explain the virtues of the Pre to a woman, because all the other techno jargon just turns a woman off! Sorry, couldn't resist! I can't believe I'm still contributing comments to this thread! Hyuck! :-)
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    close this stupid ****?
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    Rounded corners do not mean it's a girly phone. Both the Pre and the Pixi have a nice black finish and feel good in the hand. Perhaps the boring square shape may have brought in more manly men who also buy crappy cars because they look manly, but for those of us who look under the hood and are willing to take a real test drive we've found our perfect phone.

    The longer I have this phone the more I realize it is NOT the starter smartphone or "first smartphone" they kept trying to advertise. WebOS is very very advanced, and getting better all the time. As a former IT professional when I tell my techie buddies about my Linux based device with command line terminal app, Wifi hotspot, Overclocked CPU via kernel patching they begin to realize that perhaps my phone is the device they should be using, not those silly old iPhones or Droids.
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    I tried looking at my self in the "mirror" it really sucks at acting like one.

    I don't thing the pre is girly at all. is just a black pebble. thats all I think of.
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    Whew! I just had to check. I am a dude.
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    It's funny because I was just thinking about how the Palm Pre and Pixi are both girly looking phones, so I did a google search and came across this thread. I am no manly man, by any stretch of the imagination, but I agree with the person who started this thread. The only smart phone (that I know of) more girly than the Pre and Pixi is the small KIN. Now that's a girly phone.

    So, does thinking a particular phone looks girly make a person a sexist pig? I could care less if a guy loves the Pre and Pixi but it's just to "cute" for my taste.

    Are women who don't find the Ford F150 attractive, sexist?????

    Even Verizon recognized it when they made the Palm Pre chocolate ad.
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