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    Have others been able to get the phone replaced due the crack next to the USB door?

    I stopped by Sprint and they said it is not covered by warranty. My concern is that it will continue to increase and spread to the front of the phone.
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    Sprint did a warranty replacement on my first Pre without a problem for USB crack and Power button. I fixed the power button myself but once I noticed the USB crack I had the phone replaced.
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    What exactly did you do for your power button? This is for future reference for me, and current reference for some others here!

    Thank you!
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    I finally got my first crack today -- I slid the phone open and attempted to open the USB door, when I saw a little piece of black plastic fly off. A section next to the door has broken off, and a place higher up near the top of the slider where I was resting my other finger now has a crack.

    Do I have a case for an exchange here? No other damage to the phone aside from normal wear and tear. I tried to get an exchange before when I was experiencing random shutdowns and a freezes, but they claimed to have fixed it (in 20 mins) and gave my old phone back to me. I have the Sprint TEP.
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    OP, try calling Palm directly-that's how I got mine replaced for the same issue. I explained that its a fairly known hardware issue and referenced complaints from this forum as proof. My phone had been well taken care of, but one day the door fell off and the crack came shortly after that. The crack slowly spread to the front of the screen which is when I gave them a call (it began to affect functionality).

    If they grant you a replacement phone, Palm will put a hold on your credit card until they receive your old phone (I think its $400, but I can't remember for sure). They also may ask you to pay a $30 or $40 fee, which they waived for me after I said I shouldn't have to pay for a manufacturer's defect. They also have another option where they ask you to basically pay for a replacement phone-similar to a warranty I guess. I think that was about $200, but once again I don't remember. Maybe another poster can correct me.

    If you've treated your phone well and didn't cause anything to happen that would create the crack, calmly explain it to them and be firm on not paying for a manufacturer's defect.

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