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    How long does it usually take for the GPS in your Pre to acquire signal? Even under clear sky conditions it seems to take forever for mine to sync up. It would be nice if there was a sat tracker with signal strength so I could see if the unit is even seeing any gps birds.

    When I do get it working, if I lose signal by being inside too long we go thru the elongated wait process. My cheapie hand held units lock on faster.

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    For me, it locks on almost instantly. It does need a decent data connection though...
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    It doesn't take long for me. It does take longer if you're fiddling with it while driving along, but...I don't do that, of course...
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    The issue is not how long it acquires signal, but how long for the GPS to wake up!!!!! Today I have spend 5 min trying to wake it up.., after that it locked in 5 sec
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    this is a subject that is getting discussed a lot here -- What network are you on? what ap are you using to get a lock? -- sprint people seem to say their GPS is working better than verizon -- i have verizon and mine works great -- but with trapster or intersection , not google maps -- 15 seconds for google maps
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    I get an almost instant lock, I'm on Sprint. Have you tried to either restart the phone or restart the data connection?
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    When stationary and outdoors the GPS has no problem locating me. But if I'm in motion, whether in a car or by foot it has some real issues. The location is usually a half mile from where I am and my location does not even fall within the larger concentric circle that forms around the blue location dot. Do you think my GPS is faulty or do all your Pre Plus's on the Verizon network have the same issue?

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