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    So I've had my Palm Pre Plus for about 24 hours now and finally activated it. Switched over from the Storm 2, which was a good phone, but it was just boring. So far I love everything about the Palm. Need to get to 10 posts so that I can work on getting the 800mhz patch.

    The only things so far on my wishlist are better battery life (most likely will get extended batt), faster navigation (800mhz patch should fix), selecting multiple unread emails and marking them as read (something that I loved on the Storm 2) and a few other minor things. Other than that, it's an awesome phone so far.

    Looking forward to getting a lot more info on this forum and getting the most out of my awesome phone!!
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    WELCOME to Webos! Enjoy your stay!
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    welcome to the club, make sure to install preware.
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    Congrats! I switched from the original Storm a couple weeks back, and the PPP has been nothing but excitement and fun.

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    ...selecting multiple unread emails and marking them as read (something that I loved on the Storm 2)...
    There may be a patch for this. You should definitely check out the threads on Preware and WOSQI patches.

    Also, if you go with the 800mHz overclock, I recommend getting CPUScalerUltimate. Well worth the $4.99.

    Enjoy your Pre!
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    welcome to the fam

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    Congrats and welcome to webOS.

    My girlfriend has a Storm 2 as well, and she absolutely hates it now. She wants a Palm Pre as well and we're both patiently waiting for the gsm version to come to Canada.

    You'll love the pre
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    OP: "The only things so far on my wishlist are better battery life "

    i found that cpu scaler ultimate gives my pre a much longer battery life when set on 500-800
    try it.
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    Be sure to get the touchstone if you don't already have one, once you have one you'll want another!
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    Congrats on your new purchase. You sound like you've been lurking these forums long enough to know a pretty good deal about your new device. Well done, research is always a smart move. I will say that my Pre took a bit over a week for the battery to "stabilize" and then the battery life improved noticeably. I didn't believe it when I read about it around here before I bought the phone, but it turned out true, so yeah, give it a week and see what you think before spending money on the extended battery.
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    I tried my buddy's storm 2 and the video playback was horrible, almost to the point of unwatchable. Nothing beats the pre except a pre plus.

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