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    I just got my Pre a few days ago. Today when I looked at the phone it showed an icon at the bottom that looked like a present and showed a notification that is was updating to WebOS 1.4.0. It has been doing that forever, for several hours. This happened automatically. In the meantime, I have had a few texts and emails come in. While replying to one the letters in my typed response wouldn't show up, and the cursor moves forward automatically for the rest of the line. No words will show. I can't respond to messages. I also went to my email preference screen to change something about my email number of days to sync, and the cursor jumped to the spot where I have my account name (the first text field on that page) and just erased it all. It's like my cursor is going by itself and is deleting anything in the text field and not letting new letters I am typing show up at all.

    I hope somebody knows what to do in this situation. Very frustrating. Also now when I touch the note on the bottom showing that the webOS is updating, that won't stay open to look at it. It just briefly flashes to say in progress.

    Not sure what to do to stop the current situation.
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    If the situation continues past a day, I would first call the service provider. They'll probably have you work with Palm.

    If you're comfortable doing it yourself, you can download the latest version of WebOS Doctor, and apply that yourself.

    You can get WebOS Doctor yourself from here -

    Side Note - you are almost certainly going to be directed to do the same thing from Palm.

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