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    I can't remember the last time I've actually had this option checked. Is it even useful is you leave GPS checked but have Auto Locate turned off? Does Google services make a difference in battery life?
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    nope, haven't used it in quite some time
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    I have never really understood what it is good for. I leave it off.
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    I turn it on when I want the Weather Channel app to find my location to give me a forecast. Since the real GPS only works about half the time, I turn that on because it's close enough for the weather app, or even YPMobile if I'm looking for a nearby business.

    I turn it off for golf and street maps though.
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    I keep mine turned on for the good of others. I haven't noticed that much of an impact to battery life but it helps people who use GPS since it relays how fast the cars are going so that the GPS unit can route around it in the case of a faster route/traffic.
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    If you are on Verizon, you dont have a choice....

    Verizon has crippled the GPS for Google Maps. Location Services are the only way to use the Maps app.
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    so does anyone keep both checked at the same time? does it mess with your GPS accuracy if both are checked?
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    I use Google services...I guess. Should I not? What is the best mode?
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    I leave it off...

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