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    So I'm headed to Bermuda on my first cruise. I've read a lot about cruising with a cell phone and figured I'd only use it if it was really necessary. However, I'm wondering if using wifi on the ship would be possible. We'll be on Holland America and I know they have wifi, but I've read a few other threads that don't have much good to say about this sort of thing. Calling Sprint, Palm and the cruise line gets you multiple responses, usually by people who only know what the rules are. Anyone have any real life experience they'd like to share? Specifically using the Pre? Thanks!
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    I went on a cruise to alaska last summer with my sprint pre, i didnt have any problems connecting to the ships wifi, only problem was that they charged a ton to use it, something like ten bucks for thirty min.
    So if you really need it for your work, then i would say use it.
    But if your just going to surf the net out of boredom, then dont, your on a cruise ship lol, go have some fun!
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    Royal Caribbean charges $0.50/min.

    Each time you access wifi, you are directed to a sign in page. Then, when you are done, you need to sign out to make sure the clock does not keep ticking.

    I am not certain the pre will handle the sign in page. It must depend on the security the cruise line uses. When I was on Royal Caribbean a few months ago, I had to use Internet Explorer on my laptop because Firefox would not work.

    Sorry, I never tried to use my pre, so I am not sure how it would have handled it!

    They also had cell service which I think was about $3 per minute for a phone call. I can't remember how much texting was. (there was no data/internet connection via the cell service.)

    Have a great cruise!!!
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    Most data plans on cruise ships are handled by a company called MTN, which also operates the ship's cyber cafes. They are expensive, because the signal must go up and down via satellite. They are also slow, and suffer from severe latency that prevents apps like VoIP from working properly due to the speed of light delay in the satellite link. I didn't try my Pre on the ship when I cruised to Bermuda last fall, because I was carrying a notebook computer. Cellular One did pick up Sprint/Verizon customers while in Bermuda, at a roaming cost of $1.49/minute if I recall correctly. I have been on several cruises carrying a notebook computer in case of emergencies back in the office, and the Internet connectivity is sometimes worse than an old dialup modem at times. Frustrating, to say the least!

    While I'm on the subject, let me give you a caution that cruise ships are considered international locations, and calls made from the ship are billed as international calls and not included in your regular minutes calling plan. You will need to have international roaming enabled on your phone account before you leave, if you intend to make/receive calls from the ship. Considering the cost, I'd leave the phone off. Oh, and the company that handles cell phone calls from ships (Cellular At Sea) is affiliated with AT&T, and doesn't support CDMA data or even text messaging on many ships.

    Here's MTN's corporate web site:


    Here's a link to more than you would ever want to know about MTN and cruise ship internet access:

    Wi-Fi On The Water -

    There are enough horror stories about the $30,000 cell phone bill from a cruise ship where my $0.02 is to turn it off at the pier before you board, lock it in your cabin's safe, and turn it back on when you're back on American soil. You'll enjoy your cruise much better without the distractions.....
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    Oh, a tip from some frequent cruisers leaving kids/family at home is to pick up a cheap, pre-paid GSM phone, and use it for emergency text messages. That way, you won't be surprised with a gazillion dollar phone bill, and will have a GSM phone that works with the ship's system for text messages. (Even texts from the ship aren't cheap.) Check with online cruise forums such as for which pre-paid carriers work from the ship, since not all do international roaming.....
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    You should check with your cruise line to see what they offer. The last cruise I went on (March 2010) was through Carnival. They had wi-fi throughout the ship (pricey), and they also had CDMA cell service (VERY pricey). Sprint offers a plan for unlimited text and email service. I believe I paid $10 for 1 week for my Pre. Again, check with the cruise line to see what services your particular ship offers. But to be honest, enjoy the cruise, forget the phone.

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