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    For some reason after the 1.4.1 update{although it might be coincidence}, my phone selectively will not light up when I open the slider. The keys will light up ,but the display itself is completely black. Sometimes after a few minutes it will work again or I will have to pull the battery and start from scratch. Sometimes even after a full reboot it will still be completely black. If I receive a text I can hear the notification but cant respond to it. The phone hasn't been dropped or abused at all. Any input would be helpful. Thanks
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    I have also noticed this bug.
    I first tried the power button to turn the screen on, that didn't work. I slid the screen up and because it was dark in the room I saw the keyboard light up, but the screen was still off. I just kept sliding the screen up/down probably another 3 times and the screen turned on.
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    Woohoo!! Its not just me. Was it after the most recent firmware update for you?
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    i notice this same problem from time to time when unlocking using slider. i have noticed that sometimes when pressing power button to bring up the lock screen it is unresponsive for a few seconds before it recognizes anything.
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    This just happened to me!!!
    I had to pull the battery.

    However mine was a little different in that I ran preware before the went black on me. And after i saw that i wasnt working i held the power button down and it vibrated and made its little sound that it does when it give you the power button options. I tried to blindly hit the reset button but it didnt work... or i think it didnt work.. I pulled the battery and its fine now!

    I actually got worried what with all the "no more pre, have a moment" going around :S
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    I did the pulling the battery thing but its going to be a real pain in the A since it keeps happening. I bought the phone at Radio Shack a few months back so going through them to fix the issue will probably be more trouble than anything. Thank you to all responders in advance..

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