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    Hi guys after 13 days left without my Pre, because O2 send it to repair due the power button gone flat, i finally got my on the webOS 1.4.1.

    Very exited for App Catalog with paid apps, and everything works fine but Email.

    I receive notification... fine, my inboxes are there..... fine, but when i try to reply to an email and it opens another card it freezes there and i can't do anything else, I have to remove the battery in order to restart the Pre.

    I already doctored my Pre and nothing... same problem as before

    is anybody having this sort of problem?
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    Have you tried removing that account and adding it again?
    What type of account is it?
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    found out what was the issue. few days ago i added my Hotmail account and that's where everything started. now i have removed it and everything is OK.

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