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    I'm a very happy uk owner I had to doctor the first day i got my phone but that was because 3g isnt that good around where I come from and the download messed up, everythings great now im on 1.4.1. Anyway I am the only pre owner I know around here. Everyone has htc's, iphones, and blackberrys, not a single palm product anywhere. No wonder the news says there selling out. But yeah, i love it, just waiting patiently for flash, everything else i'd want is on the pre now though
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    So happy with my Pre. I too bought mine on launch day, webOS is such a pleasure to use.
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    A friend of mine got a Pre so even though I didn't see another one I knew she had it. Unfortunately she came from a iPhone 3G so return the Pre for a 3GS

    Still think mine is great
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    Yep another Palm Pre user that was at the o2 on launch day. Love my device and since we have had paid apps its nice to finally reward some developers for great apps. The 3d games are pretty good indeed. Agree we are still missing a navigation app, just hoping one arrives soon.

    I have heard that a new device is arriving soon as was recently in o2 in Leeds and it was ironic that it was me showing the sales guy how good the pre was as he said he was struggling to use it. What an idoit!!!

    Anyway long live Palm, as I will keep supporting them while the webos is such a great operating system
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    Quote Originally Posted by phil.hsr View Post
    The most useful app in the world, is a web app that I use all the time...

    ORB media streaming, its free and makes traveling to uni 10000% more entertaining!!!

    I got my pre from day one and the only thing is, I hate too many cards error, and I'm a little confused as to why they are releasing the pre plus here in the UK, does this mean we will be yet again months behind the release of a new palm device!!!!
    Hi Phil, have you used Orb recently, I was of the understanding that it stopped working after a recent update ?
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    Count me in as a very happy Pre user since UK day 1. In fact I was the first in my local O2 shop on launch day and there were half a dozen others queuing to but by the time I left but I have never seen any of them out on the streets (or trains) of London.

    1.4.1 has finally made my Pre seem complete with the paid apps and a more stable platform but I have had some nasty experiences including losing all my contacts and all my non-recurring future appointments (2 different incidents). I'm not sure if this is down to google or the pre or some artefact of synergy but my wife thinks I am mad sticking with it. Personally I am happy to deal with this kind of thing (I make sure I have plenty of backups) but I can see it isn't for everyone.

    I just love the form factor and the fluidity of the OS, I would hate to go to iPhone or Android so I hope Palm survives.
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    things are definitely coming of age - 1.4 made a huge difference byt its homebrew thats makes the palm - if you've not tired your really missing out patchs & apps like the overspeed patch (makes the pre more reliable & much faster), save/restore (which backs up texts & everything else) & the new vioce recorder app.

    with HP buying Dell that cash injection someone me.tioned is here - so now i'm patiently waiting for flash (bbc iplayer) and a webos tablet to blow the ipad out of the water - while listening to (via stream music wirelessly to me on my bluetooth headphones - Blis!
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    The pre plus is out in the uk on Friday. I just need to decide between this or the htc desire. Same price for both, having never played with either it should be an interesting day for me on Friday. Currently have an iPhone, but getting a bit fed up of the closed ecosystem, so that's going to the wife
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    is there any further update on it's way after 1.4.1???
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    I want to buy Pre Plus on Friday but still need answers for few questions.

    Can I stream webradio channels just adding url or any other way?
    Is there any office software available that can edit word/excel documents?

    Big Thanks
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    I'm not that happy to be honest.

    I feel like I've bought into platform that is just going to get squeezed out by android, iphone and blackberry. I think that there is just not going to be the same range and quality of applications that there is on other devices, and the hardware is just not strong enough (especially the ****ing battery life). I'm also ****ed off that I can't stream stuff atm.

    I'm also ****ed off because I reckon I'm overpaying. I've got a 25 a month contract, with a 5 smartphone bolt on top. That's 600 (ex. bolt on) for 24 months, when there're new prprpr$s$ $with$ $touchstone$ $for$ $160$ $on$ $ebay$.

    I'm hoping, that the pdk will bring in a lot more new apps, but I doubt it. I think webOS will take off more on tablets, if it does at all. And I'm hoping flash support comes soon.

    I'm thinking of getting an iphone off of ebay in the coming months, or an android device. Having said that, I do think the UI is excellent, and I do like having a keyboard. And I do like the touchstone, even if the manufacturing is seriously flawed on it.
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    I've switched over to the Pixi plus. So far very happy with it. It doesn't seem particularly slower than the Pre and is much better form factor.

    The smaller screen does notice if you do try and watch video and can be a bit of a pain if using full webpages. I tend though to use the mobile versions of most sites and that is fine.

    If you aren't a gamer and don't watch much video then it's definitely worth thinking about.
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    BBC iPlayer doesn't rely on flash. It is possible to build an app that can stream the shows in the native video streaming app. I don't know if its possible with the current Palm SDK but someone did it on android way back with the G1 (beebPlayer).
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    HTC Desire for me now.

    Got my Pre on launch day and was worried that i had bought a rotten egg. The updates with video and paid apps was much needed but now a new house for webos is needed very very quickly. I have had too many replacements, even the replacements had faults which is just not good enough.

    HTC Desire is of sound build, better screen and the apps are what people want and need and even ot turn by turn navigation on my Google maps update!

    I dont know if webos will be around on phones anymore and even if it is the phone needs to be very very very good or they will face the same problem. The current problem is that the Palm brand name has been damaged and HP will take over, the problem here being that HP are not known for making good phones and Palm are now associated with making poor phones. They may also face problems with networks here not wanting to take them on going by the poor sales and return issues of the Pre and Plus. If they can do it then its a good come back but i fear it is too late with iphone and Android around and the superb build quality of HTC phones.

    The OS and UI for webos is great, everything else just doesnt hit the mark for what i am paying every month.
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