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    I was just wondering because I really never download apps all that often.

    My favorite so far (I just downloaded it) is AniWeather. BEAUTIFUL. I wish this could somehow become my lock screen instead of an app. But alas, I must wait..

    Anyways, what's your favorite app? No, not 2 favorites, just you're #1 favorite app!
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    Break videos..... a must have for a lot of lol, and LMAO
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    feeds free, google reader, sweet if you use google reader for your RSS feeds
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    dr. podder
    use it everyday at least 2 hour everyday
    great for catching up on some old and new podcast
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    Dr. Podder. Use my Pre instead of ZuneHD for Podcasts now. Thats how good it is.
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    The best two things on my Pre are homebrews--the 800MHz patch and MyTether.

    Pandora is the best thing in the app catalog. YouView is good. Net2Streams and PreRadio both very good. Preware of course.
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    I just love hitting the power/wake button, from there it's all good!! :-)
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    I love NewsRoom.
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    DrPodder everyday...
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    Mytether. It allows me to use my "other" phone. You know, the one with all the apps that are actually worth using.
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    drPodder for sure. I use it the most and it does a great job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Urkel View Post
    Mytether. It allows me to use my "other" phone. You know, the one with all the apps that are actually worth using.
    you mean the one with unobtrusive notifications and great 3d games? Where I can see sports scores using basketbal live without leaving the online game I'm in?

    guess my favorite app is the browser since I surf on my phone more then on my pc now.
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    On a serious note, geostrings is good too.
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    Cpuscaler paired with 800mhz...hello uber speed and uber battery life.
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    mode switcher
    800MHz ipkg
    battery monitor
    preware !!
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    Can you briefly describe what newsroom is.

    Quote Originally Posted by ray1b View Post
    I love NewsRoom.
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