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    i was just thinking about this yesterday for the past 2 months and it comes out on android, bummer... such a long wait away for the evo!!! but when is webos gunna make an app like this?

    thank you mytether
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    what are you talking about?
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    Phones in Family pre> pre> pre> Centro> Rant
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    thank you mytether
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    maybe he is refering to a jpeg of He has wanted it for months. Hahahaha
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    The fastest way to install Preware on your WebOS device.
    Put your device in Developer mode.
    From your PC download the Preware installer from
    Run the Preware installer while the WebOS device is connected with the USB cable to your PC.
    Vualla Preware is installed.]
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    Actually an auto-responder app would be cool for webOS – lets hope someone out there will write one.
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    This can't be too hard to do, have you ever put this in any form of semi official request form on this forum?
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    Not a bad idea, but it sends a sms back right? What happens when you get a call from a land line?

    I don't think my parents would know what to do with a sms...Haha
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    Get Google Voice.
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    Used to have a similar built in feature on my Palm Treo, ignore call with quick text message.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbode View Post
    Used to have a similar built in feature on my Palm Treo, ignore call with quick text message.

    its not really ignore calls with a text message persay... its when your in bed and you dont want to answer calls at that time that it sends a text

    thank you mytether
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    Looks like a cool app but I think the person should get the message if they call 3 times and I don't answer. If I want to let you know what I am doing then I will send you a text saying i'm with friends and busy. LOL

    I like how they put a orange NEW! sticker on Nexus One. haha that's not new!
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    we still have a "new" sticker on the palm pixi, that's not new either
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    I'd like something similar, but for text messages, which is what I get the most of. If I'm in a movie or something, it'd be great to throw up a quick "away message" that would fire back a text to someone with my status. Set it so it only responds once per person until you reset it (to avoid abuse).

    I've actually wanted something like this since my first Pocket PC phone back in like 2003. Anyone know if this type of thing is available?

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