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    I wonder what kinds of things will be discussed. I would like to be a fly on the wall there. Unfortunately I am nowhere near California to be going but wonder if anybody is. Hope to get some encouraging post from the scene.

    Palm Developer Day is coming

    Fee is only $25 a day but I clicked register just for the heck of it. These lists on there seem interesting.

    For Friday, April 23rd - Introduction to webOS - please select the session topics that are of most interest to you:
    webOS architecture
    Application architecture
    Building your first app
    webOS emulator
    Ares GUI builder
    Advanced APIs
    App Catalog
    For Saturday, April 24th - Developer Day - please select the session topics that are of most interest to you:
    Introduction to the webOS
    Effective JavaScript on webOS
    webOS internals: Exploring the browser and JavaScript engines
    Intro to PDK
    Porting apps to webOS
    Marketing your apps: The business of webOS development
    Advanced webOS: Stages, notifications, and dashboards
    Creating a 3D game with the PDK
    Ares FTW
    Cross-platform web applications with PhoneGap
    What's coming next in webOS
    Advanced HTML technologies on webOS
    Creating games: Canvas and DOM
    Tips and tricks: Lessons learned developing the Facebook app
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    Most definitely an interesting list, but it's also meant for Developers, not the bloggosphere.

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