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    Ok, once the 800mhz kernal patch came out I loaded it onto my phone and marveled at the performance enhancement It was great...until I started getting the temp warning notices(also had the temp patch installed). I would also go to bed at night with my phone on the charger and wake up to an un-responsive and fairly warm pre. Only way to get it to come back on was to pull the battery for about 15mins. My battery would usually only last half a day(2pm) before it was almost dead and needed to be charged. Well, after a week or so, I was getting really tired of this and contemplating removing the 800mhz patch until I saw a post talking about the difference a cpuscaler app made. I decided that it was worth a try and installed the necessary 2 ipk files(I'm using the free one). I did that on Wed. night and boy what a difference I set mine to scale between 250-800mhz and a few things happen for my first full day(Thursday). First thing, my pre woke up in the morning with me no problem and was nice and cool and full charged, I unplugged it at 6:30am and used my phone as I normally do, half dozen calls, lots of texts, about 30-45mins on the web and about 30mins for games. Phone never got hot and I never put it on any charger for the whole day. I ended up going to bed at 11:30pm last night and when I plugged it in to charge it was at 28% left I haven't noticed any speed decrease while using the phone at all and today so far it is 2:40pm as I post this and my phone is at 77% left....I am very pleased and dont post very often but thought to others this could be very helpful as I have found it to be

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    Thank you, Ken.
    I've been resisting the 800Mhz patch, but with your info I may try it. I wonder if it's safe on the Touchstone all night with the CPU scaler?
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    I was having heat issues on both the touchstone in my office and just the plug in at home so I dont think it really matters much. Since I put the cpuscaler on there my pre hasnt even got warm

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    Where are these files? There used to be CPU Scaling in Preware and doesn't appear to be anymore. Also, how did you set your scaling to 250-800mhz? Does this have to be done rooting the Pre and telnetting in? Or can bit be done on a screen on the Pre?

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    you have to root hack tweak patch your phone in order got get the cpu scaler
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    how do u use the cpuscaler just the sclaer or also the 800mhz patch i used both together and it seem to screw up the phone a friend of mine only uses the sclaer and it seems to work fine so what r u using? @bakerman1
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    *..You dont have to root your phone!..*

    you do have to install via WOSQI just by adding these 2 ipk's and then hitting install, thats it. Then it is an actual program on your phone where you can set a certain speed all the time or set a scaling speed. It is fantastic, and I have nothing to do with who made it or anything, just enjoying great battery life and performance

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    I have the 800mhz patch installed and then installed this cpu scaler You have to make sure you dont have any other scalers or smartflex stuff at all

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    800MHz: I never have heat issues on the touchstone when I leave it charging overnight - for most people, excessive heat only occurs when you are running cpu extensive apps WHILE charging. I also started using the CPU scaler app (paid) to help with battery life. No heat issues here with or without the scaler.
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    I realize it was posted elswhere but it was buried on page 4 in the pre forum and I was sharing my personal experience with it. Just giving more perspect...

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    I'm running my Pre with 800Mhz. I had 3 times temperatur warnings without a scaler.
    Now i'm using a 250 - 800 scaler and till now no more temperatur warnings. So it's realy a must have ...
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    I had the opposite problem. No problems using the 720mhz kernal, and then once i installed the 800mhz kernal and the cpu scaler app (set at 125-800 or 250-800), i'd get the non-responsive pre in the morning that would require the battery pull. Not sure if it's the cpu scaler app, but during the two days I had it set at 500-800, it was fine.
    i'm going to try the latest cpu scaler ultimate (just released) w/ the 800mhz kernal right now.
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    my pre never gets hot
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    my pre never gets hot
    But ur avatar is hot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmoAnest View Post
    But ur avatar is hot!
    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    my pre never gets hot
    Haha I agree!

    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    Duplicate thread info. All of this information has been on the my first signature thread for some time (the benfits using this application incombination with correct kernel it was tested with). I even reference where to install cpu scaler ultimate (and related versions) and all tests have been done in combination with it (even newest ipk). In fact I have over 20 references referencing where to install this application. Too many threads..
    Yes there are a lot of threads about this, but majority of people are having great results. I love the patch and cpuscaler app and I have been using my phone much more and loving it.
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    What exactly does this do? I'm kind of confused! Does it scale back the CPU to lower speeds when not used, or does it just allow you to change the speeds on the go? I'm very confused.
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    Both can set a speed of your choice and it will stay at that speed for everything, or you can set it to scale so when you are using it it will jump up to the upper speed but when its idle it drops to the lower speed
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    Awesome, totally worth investing time in! Thanks for the info!
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    Awesome, totally worth investing time in! Thanks for the info!
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    i just added the 800mhz kernal and cpu scaler today and it is working great for me thus far. feels like a new phone. battery drain seems to be normal or maybe a little bit better. will have to wait for the work week when i use my phone alot to see if there is any real difference.
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