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    Hey guys,

    Was wondering if anyone has encountered this issue? When I use any headphones to listen to music, between songs I often get tiny electric shocks straight to my brain.

    What the heck is that?

    I contacted Bell and Palm and they are both baffled.

    Actually, I'm kind of done with the Pre. =( Bell told me to stop getting replacements and that they'll give me an iphone 3gs.

    My fourth replacement has let me down.

    Is there someway to fix this issue? if I push the headphones in and wiggle the headphone jack part it can move it in such a place where it'll stop doing that.

    Also, this is a brand new boxed phone straight from the warehouse.
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    ...strangest description I have ever read.

    Try different headphones, could be a loose wire and just so happens we have a nice metal conductor.
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    OKAY not to my brain but you know what I mean. My ears get tiny shocks. I don't have any metal in my head(lol).

    One thing I noticed was that the headphone jack, despite being pushed in fully, hangs out quite a bit. Although my other Pre's had that same design flaw it was only on the back where it dips into a lucius curve.

    Maybe the foggy weather has something to do with this? It's been damp and rainy here in Montreal lately . . .
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    Like the previous poster said, try different headphones.
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    haha does it always happen to you when you are in one spot? I have a couch that I can't use headphones on because anytime I shift, I get shocked through the headphones... Might just be static from something other than the headphones, not necessarily a design flaw by Palm
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    I bet it is static.
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    what type of headphones are you using? Over the ear or in ear?
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    The headphones don't matter. I tried two diff palm headpohones for the pre and another plantronics one I use for my comp usually. It's something only my pre does btw. Not my ipod with the same headphones.

    Hmm ....

    I am leaning towards maybe the weather because it only seems to happen outside. Why wouldn't my ipod 5.5g do it too though?

    It's so frustrating.... it only happens when songs change, too. What's up with that!?

    You know that sound that plays when you plugin headphones? that crunchyness? I get a bit of that every song change and then i get tiny shocks straight into my ears. lol
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    Sorry. They are all in-ear headphones.
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    Have you considered testing out some over the ear headphones and see if the same thing happens? It is odd that the same problem doesn't occur with your iPod.
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    Hmmm im still banking on static... maybe you wear a certain pair of shorts or something? And are you holding it when it happens or is it bouncing around in your pocket?. The weather would make sense if it was really dry, but it sounds like it is pretty saturated there...
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    When I said different headphones I meant completely different, try out one that isn't the palm brand that comes with the phone, if it keeps happening it's probably related to the phone, otherwise it's probably something related to the type of headphones.
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    I climbed up on our trampoline the other day, and as I shuffled across the mat I got a number of shocks to the ear as well, could be the same phenomenon.
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    Go Bluetooth
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    It is defiantly the headphones. I just recently replaced the headphones on my mp3 with some Nike sets, and I am getting that shock to the ear drums.
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    I had this problem, too. VERY weird. It was with some random pair of all metal headphones I got from a past Woot! sale. I switched headphones and the problem went away. Was definitely very annoying. haha. It was so stressful listening to music! I didn't know when I'd be shocked next!
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    I have this problem with my pre too. I tried 2 different headphones but both shoked me. Is it for sure a problem of the headphones or is it a device problem of the pre?
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    headphone problem (for me, at least). i was using some weird imetal brand or something like that. they were all metal (machined aluminum ear buds). i switched to some razr (??) brand ones and they're fine. koss ear buds are fine, too. and the standard pre headphones were fine for me, too.
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    It isn't the headphones for me. I tried two different palm sets AND a pair of rubber earcup thingies that my bro in law gave me from his LG Eve (lol ****ty phone).

    I think, for me, it is a device issue. I don't want to buy bluetooth either. I don't like that technology very much right now. Headphones are comfy for laying around.


    My iPhone is on the way. I'm going to switch from CDMA to bells HSPA with the udnerstanding that I can always swap it out in the future since it's got a SIM card and will have a high resale value.

    I have a line eligible for upgrade in August. I hope to come back to a WebOS device and will surely sit on the credit until I hear more. =x

    I'ma still come here. I love this community and forum and WebOS has my heart.

    With Bell, we are stuck with 3 year contracts. I don't see my Palm Pre making it through 3 years of turmoil. My Blackberry Pearl did it but ... barely. Lol.
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    Those are tiny little parasitic aliens transforming their gaseous state bodies into solid state worm like creatures. If the back of your eyes start to itch you might want to go to the hospital.. Although..once you're there all they can really do is sedate you...

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