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    This morning while listening to music on my pre I was using this machine and the muisic player skipped to the next song each time I did a rep. I thought maybe I accidently touched something and I tried it again and the same thing happened without me touching the phone at all. There must be something going on with the metal coming so close to a sensor on the phone. Has anyone had this happen?
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    What kind of machine was it you were using? Purely mechanical or was there electrical components on it like heartrate monitors, or electromagnetic resistance? Stuff like that?
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    There was another thread where the static charge from a soda can that was moved close to the screen would move it, so it could be a similar thing that is happening. Did you try moving the Pre away from the moving part and see if it still happens?
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    It was purely mechanical. a bench press machine with no electronic components. It seems like when the metal part got too close to the phone it went crazy. It's not a big problem just something wierd. I just won't listen to music while using that machine. I have no problems on the tread mill or any other machine.

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