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    I got my Pre in June and my boss just got one. It is significantly more difficult to back-swipe on his new Pre than it is on mine.

    What is more likely? That it needs "breaking in" or that his Pre's gesture area is defective?


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    As far as I know there's no such thing as 'breaking in' a capacitive sensor in terms of end-user physical use. Much more likely is that he just needs to learn and get used to which parts of the gesture area are active.

    Alternatively it sounds like it could be defective - remember though that the lower portion of the gesture area is "dead", you do need to place your thumb in the top half of the gesture area for it to work (at least this is correct on the regular Pre - haven't tried a Pixi or a Pre Plus).

    If you own the same model and one works where the other doesn't, then I think you can assume a hardware issue.
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    you should maybe unable the swipe gesture in in screen and lock option and then set switch applications to on.
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    Does it have anything to do with the upgrade?

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